Recently I decided that Gather needed to have a 'soul'.  So I've arrived here at this journal in an attempt to share more of the work that we do inside and outside of the studio and also as a way to create a space for the new things I'm feeling drawn to. I love creating with flowers but I've got some ideas floating around in my brain which I hope to bring to life that will show more fully the energy and spirit behind Gather. 

Our Spring wedding season was so busy it  allowed me to take a bit of a Summer break- hit pause, reflect on where we have been and where we are going, focus on some projects that give me life and most importantly be present with my little ones.  

Being a wedding florist is rewarding but it's also fast paced and highly emotional- everything has to get done in a tight window.  I've had trouble stopping to enjoy the creative process lately because of this and have simotaneously found myself drawn to thinking and learning more about mindfulness and living with intention.  How do I balance the fast paced and emotional nature of my work with the desire to slow down, be present and really enjoy it from a centered and grateful place?  


The combination of a lot of personal life changes and this recent awareness in my work have these thoughts circling around inside my head on a daily basis.  I've realized that I've been living my life as if it's happening to me; constantly reacting to my circumstances- whatever pops up in my life.   Now I realize that life is happening  for me.  Mentally,  it's a subtle shift but the difference in practice is a big one.  I am actively participating in the conscious creation of my life (yes I was already doing that in the big ways we all think of- deciding to take a job, quit a job, make a move, start a business, start a family etc.) but  a lot of this has to do with the smaller, more subtle ways that we create our lives that actually turn out to be the most important.  For me it's recognizing the thoughts that don't serve me, paying attention to my energy (high vibe vs. low vibe) as well as the energy of the people I surround myself with and setting intentions. I've got a girl gang of like minded sisters who are exploring these ideas with me and it has been life giving!  Through these practices, I'm reminded daily that life is about the journey, we already have access to what we seek and living from a place of gratitude will set you free every time.  


But for now Summer is happening all around me and if I don't pay attention I might miss it.  Each year it goes by faster. I'm grateful for this time off to experience the magic of Summer through the eyes of my children. I hope it's as magical to them as I remember it being for me as a child.  


Photos by Amber Breitenberg Photography